Occasionally, (or rather, for occasions) I make decorative cakes. My photographs of the cakes don't usually turn out very well. More often than not, it's because I'm taking the picture before candles are added and party-goers get to see the cakey creation. Never-the-less, I'll document my cakes here on Bentovention and continue to attempt improvements in my future photography!

A little boy's 8th birthday cake

"Lamaze Giraffe"
A little boy's first birthday cake

"Hogwarts Castle"
A friends' little girl's 8th birthday cake

"Gary The Dolphin"
A friends' little girl's 7th birthday cake.
Not shown in the picture is his white icing fin, added later.

Giant Bounty Bar
My husband's birthday cake

Giant Jammy Dodger
My daughter's 11th birthday cake

Giant Bourbon Biscuit
My son's 8th birthday cake

Halloween Cake 2010
Created for a childrens' Halloween party

Newspaper themed cake for my father in law's 67th birthday

"The Big Strawberry"
Cake for a family party

Giant Toblerone 
50th birthday cake for a friend

"White Rabbit"
Our daughter's 10th birthday cake

"Cake Duck"
Our son's 7th birthday cake

My father in law's 69th birthday cake

"Giant Custard Cream"
30th birthday cake for a friend

"White Owl"
Birthday cake for a friend

"Blue Egg"
Easter cake 2010


  1. Absolutely LOVE the custard cream!!!


  2. It tasted FANTASTIC! I made a thick, creamy centre just like the biscuit. The outside is marzipan.

  3. HI, absolutly adorable and fantastic the cakes.
    Can you tell me how you made the dog ? that would be the fantastic surprise cake for my daughter. she loves dogs

    keep on the great work.

  4. Oh dear, my white rabbit looks like a dog! I see what you mean though, it could be a floppy eared dog. For that one I made one rectangular sponge layer (mine was strawberry flavoured) and two circular sponge layers. For the body I halved the rectangular layer, filled the two halves with cream and placed them in the centre of my cake board.

    One circular sponge was cut into two. Two curved sections were used as the ears. Two curved sections from the second circular sponge layer were used as the legs at the rear of the body.

    To decorate, I used white marzipan, rolled out and hand moulded onto the cake. Dipping a finger into cold water will help to smooth out and seal any tears as you work.

    The rabbit's eyes were red glace' cherries, but if you wanted darker eyes I have seen the natural coloured purple/black ones for sale. Good luck with your cake making!

  5. Mmmm, I am really eyeing that Toblerone cake! Yum!



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