Monday, 18 July 2011

No.91 'Dijon Potato Salad' bento

Hello all! The children and I are on Summer break at the moment, so hot lunches at home are what we're having most days. Packing bento won't be something we do regularly until it's time to return to school. However, I did recently make bento boxes for the children and their friend to have for lunch during our visit to the zoo. They had a base of my dijon potato salad (vegan), which is made from tiny new potatoes, a dollop of dijon mustard, and a handful of dried, crispy fried onions. Along with the potato salad they had an assortment of carrot animals and a dessert layer of watermelon cubes on butterfly skewers. In short, they were quite attractive lunches! And I made the terrible mistake of not photographing them before I packed them for the zoo. It's a real shame. Instead, here is a picture of a lunch I made for the last week of school, featuring the dijon potato salad and some garlic bread wedges. 

Below is a custom made cake I created for a friend's child's birthday party in June. The little boy is a huge football fan. The cake centre is vegan chocolate with a fudge frosting. Six layers of it to be precise. This thing weighed a tonne!

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