'Our Family - Our World' Collage

Collage art produced over the summer break, 2010. The children and I painted a rough outline of what we wanted first, which is a depiction of our home, our neighbours' homes and our surrounding area. We used cloth, newspaper, cardboard, recycled papers and broken compact discs to add textures and colours. We are all represented by little cloth people in front of the house, along with our two cats and pet pigeon, Sammy. It's A0 size.

'Space Invaders' Collage

This was our second collage project over the summer break this year (2010). Another A0 sized creation for the wall in our 'games room'. The surface of the planet behind the aliens is textured with papier mache. The region of outer space is filled in with black cloth and the aliens were entirely produced by the children after I made a cardboard template. The text at the top and bottom is tin foil. All recycled materials!


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