I have new bento boxes on the way and I'm very excited. That sentence will probably hold true for the foreseeable  future, since with bento making comes a collection of accessories over time. My first boxes were fairly expensive, since I wanted a full set of lunch items to start off with, for my two children and myself (Mr. Miloko has yet to be converted). They were purchased as Christmas presents for us. From this point on though, already possessing the basics, needing to be economical and with a strong 'make things by hand' lunch ethic, I'm only picking up bargain boxes and bits and bobs as I come across them. I look for unusual shapes and strong colours.

Strawberry bento box

This two-tier box comes with a nifty, deep spoon. I think it might be great for carrying leftover stews like my favourite goulash in the top layer, with little sandwiches in the bottom layer. The colour is great!

My son's bento
'The little ant'

My daughter's bento
'Hansel and Gretel'

My own bento

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